Clean layout of Method Men products in a spa setting

We Clean Up Nice

Our mission at Method Men is to help make life a bit less messy. That's why we're dedicated to clean, thoughtful design inside + out.

There's Good Inside

We’re famously fastidious when it comes to what goes into our products, and our formulas include plant and mineral-based ingredients that can handle your dirty sides. so you won’t find any added parabens, phthalates or aluminum, but you will find refreshing, nature-inspired fragrances that will make you smell swell.

Fresh Without The Fuss

From beautifully practical packaging to effective people-friendly formulas, we put a lot of thought into our products so that you don’t have to. just use them and move on. no worries, no fuss. life is complicated enough, staying clean and fresh doesn’t have to be.


made without parabens or phthalates.


cruelty free. tested by people, not on animals.


proudly doing business with a purpose.

Method? Yes, that Method.

we’re the company that turned the entire cleaning industry on its head by combining thoughtful design with thoughtfully chosen ingredients. and that’s exactly the approach we’re now bringing to men’s personal care. get ready for a fresh take on grooming.

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