sea + surf essentials collection



collection includes

1 body wash, 3.4 fl oz.
1 exfoliating bar soap, 6 oz.
1 deodorant, 2.65 oz.

smell swell

if our award winning sea + surf is the scent that floats your boat, then this collection is for you. you get our mini body wash, aluminum-free deodorant and exfoliating bar soap in your favorite, nautical fragrance, and you save $1 in the bargain.

sea + surf
crisp, clean nautical notes whisk you away to seaside adventures + wind-capped waves.

  • method men sea & surf travel body wash, 3.4 fl oz
  • method men sea & surf aluminum-free deodorant
  • method men sea & surf exfoliating bar soap, 6 oz

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